Too much traditional investment advice is stuck in one point-of-view, leaving clients without critical options to face ever-evolving economic environments. EagleView Portfolios from the America Group use advanced algorithmic technology to expand the view, engaging millions of pieces of data every day to build portfolios for your tomorrow.

The eye of an eagle has the equivalent of 20/4 vision, five times the clarity of the human eye. In addition, eagle vision takes in more data per second than our vision. EagleView portfolio system draws from the same philosophy.

EagleView uses software that processes large amounts of information about investment price behavior on every holding in the portfolios as well as diverse options competing for their position. While human portfolio management tries to limit the information, sticking to “buy and hold” strategies to avoid being perceived as making the wrong decision, America Group’s EagleView method wants more information, not less. This active collection of market data, along with the ability to trade daily in response to new information, upends the long-standing trend of portfolio inactivity. Giving EagleView portfolios the opportunity to outperform in diverse market conditions.

EAGLEVIEW is the decision engine that powers all America Group portfolios. By providing daily investment intelligence about price behavior and trends, EAGLEVIEW’s watchful eye oversees both what’s in the portfolio and what should be in the portfolio to help you make trading decisions informed by objective analytics.


EagleView Portfolios are managed without the bias of human influence, responding and reacting only to the market data collected by the Eagleview Engine and its accompanying algorithms. This objectivity works to the benefit of our investors as it is not influenced by news cycles, “stock tips”, or short-term thinking.


The decision engine that runs acts as our internal Chief Investment Officer responds to the daily investment intelligence on our surveillanced holdings, adjusting asset mix based on opportunity. While portfolios ask you to ride out the storm, EagleView allows us a tactical approach that doesn’t predict where the market is going but responds as opportunity emerges.


EagleView has a “no crystal ball” policy. Forecasting the future is a gambler’s game. Instead, we use the EagleView Engine to gather and evaluate millions of data points of market information every day, analyzing that data and forcing investments and market sectors to compete. The engine’s analytics won’t tell you what to buy tomorrow, but it will tell you how to allocate capital today.


While Modern Portfolio Theory tells you to buy a little bit of everything and hopes there are more winners than losers, EagleView surveils all asset classes for productivity and durability. That surveillance goes on every market day across all asset classes, giving the engine a perspective on investment opportunity pre-built for our unbiased approach.

While other investment managers expect clients to buy-and-hold through the market’s most turbulent times with portfolios built on decades old theory that doesn’t stand up to many market environments, the EAGLEVIEW Portfolio Engine is agnostic on theory and is built to adjust as markets do. We put every investment up against a battery of analysis every day, working to build portfolios that stand the test of time

Delivers investment research in

Is Balanced Unbalanced?

Client fees are justified by maintaining the same portfolio and ignoring any underlying investment behavior. The portfolio is regularly “rebalanced” by reverting to a pre-determined asset class mix, regardless of changing risk environment leaving the client exposed to risk, potentially without return, regardless of market conditions.

ALPHA: Making Assets Compete

Client fees are earned by an active surveillance of productive investments, making them compete for a place in the portfolio. Unproductive assets are replaced with those with observed durability and strength for the current environment.

BETA: Keeping Risk Stable

Client fees are earned by an active re-weighting of selected asset classes to meet the client’s risk tolerance. As investment environments change, the risk of underlying assets change. OTIS’ surveillance provides the intelligence to manage the weightings to stabilize the risk profile.