Core Values

<strong>Our Mission Statement is:</strong>

Our Mission Statement is:

"To exceed our clients’ expectations everyday and to transform their lives by providing the best possible wealth management experience."

Like any responsible and dedicated financial services company, we strive to always do what is best for our clients.

We strive to always put the needs of our clients first while treating them fairly, respectfully, and ethically. We also believe that all of our clients have a right to competent and courteous service and advice at a fair price.

At America Group, we live by a set of Core Values that guide us in all of our decisions and actions. Below is a list of these values:

1. How We Think Is Everything - Think success, not failure. Beware of a negative environment.

2. Provide Four Seasons Service Everyday - Be passionate about helping clients make money and plan for their futures. Exceed client expectations every step of the way, and always ensure that all information remains confidential.

3. Every Detail Matters - Focus completely on business related matters and understand that no matter how big or small, every little thing counts. Correct and learn from your mistakes.

4. Teamwork - No person is an island. Work together to get jobs done efficiently and in a timely manner; help each other out by answering questions and providing advice on how to get a job done efficiently and in a timely manner. Strive to understand and motivate others.

5. Be An Initiator - Be proactive instead of reactive towards clients, other professionals, and fellow Team Members. Think like an entrepreneur and "own" your space so that you can focus on delivering creative and innovative solutions to the firm and our clients.

6. Learn To Accept Constructive Criticism - Always strive to do your best to serve clients and embrace feedback. Keep lines of communication open at all times- it will make us better as people and professionals.

7. Take Action - Goals are nothing without action. Don’t be afraid to get started- just do it and never give up.

8. Never Stop Learning - Go back to school or read books, get training, and acquire skills. Be a life long learner. The best always are.

9. Be Passionate - Everyone should have fun and do work that they love. Life is too short to do it any other way.

10. Be Honest and Dependable - Take responsibility, and keep all promises made toward clients, professionals, and Team Members. Aim to keep, if not exceed, all promises. Remember, a promise made is a promise kept.