Endowments and Foundations

For over a decade, America Group has been delivering wealth-building strategies to non-profit organizations, such as universities and foundations.

Endowments and Foundations have unique financial planning needs. They have investment time horizons that are much longer than an individual’s time horizon, and yet they have ongoing liquidity needs at the same time. Sometimes, an institution may have Socially Responsible Investment policies which reflect the underlying values of the organization.

Board members and investment committee members have a fiduciary responsibility and require the proper guidance in shouldering that risk and managing it. America Group works with endowments and foundations to help lay out the needs of the organization and the strategy for meeting those needs. We continually work to not only monitor investment strategies but to ensure that the investment policy is adhered to and the fiduciary responsibility of directors are addressed.

Our team will work with your institution to help address investment guidelines which will set forth the target asset allocation and related restrictions. The Investment Strategies will comprise a mix of asset classes and managers designed to meet the mutually agreed upon risk and return profile of the investment committee.