High Net Worth Clients

We know that you can get financial advice from many sources these days. However, we do things differently at America Group. We offer two things: our experience and a personal touch. Every client has a personal relationship with our team and they are all special to us.

In working with our high net worth clients, America Group takes a five step approach. First we "profile" the client in order to learn all of their needs and desires. Based upon this information, we develop a risk based asset allocation strategy in an effort to maximize returns while minimizing risk and volatility. This risk based asset allocation strategy will be outlined in a written plan. The plan will serve as a guiding document that outlines the client’s goals; and something that America Group will rely on through the relationship. It is only at this time that America Group will select the appropriate investment options to implement the written plan. Finally, America Group will monitor the investments and provide ongoing support and counseling to the client in the form of regular meetings, consistent updates and "check up calls." In addition to our meetings and calls, you will receive monthly statements and quarterly reports which will incorporate additional details that clients have found to be most helpful over the years.